Our Story

The story of one of America's most beloved pasta brands was born in 1912 when three immigrants from the same village in Sicily, Italy, started a small spaghetti manufacturing company in Boston's North End. The address of their storefront: 92 Prince Street.

It was a perfect partnership. Gaetano LaMarca was the administrator, Guiseppe Seminara was the salesman and Michele Cantella was the pasta maker. These entrepreneurs had no way of knowing that their little company would become one of the largest pasta manufacturers in the country.

Eventually Prince® outgrew its offices and moved to Lowell, Mass. In 1941, Guiseppe Pellegrino, another Sicilian immigrant, joined the company and soon bought a controlling interest. Prince® remained in the hands of the Pellegrino family until 1987.

Generations of Americans still recall the company's memorable slogan: Wednesday is Prince® spaghetti day.

Today, Prince® pasta is part of the New World Pasta family of brands, the leading dry pasta manufacturer in the United States. New World Pasta brands include Ronzoni® Healthy Harvest®, Ronzoni® Smart Taste® and Ronzoni Garden Delight®.